Prevent Newsgroup and Forum Spam

Spam is a general term used for irritating mails from commercial advertising agencies such as for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. It can also be copies of the same message that is forwarded to you many times, therefore flooding your mailbox.

If you are starting a blog or forum and you want to make sure that spamming will not happen, there are several ways to ensure that your site is free from commercial advertisements and other spam messages.

Here are some ways to prevent newsgroup and forum spam:

  • Block certain email addresses and ISP addresses. If you are receiving spam messages from a certain user, there is an option for you to block that certain user. In the control panel of the forum, there is an area where you can provide the email address or username of a certain user you want to block. You can also add ISP address of members. By doing this, you can permanently prohibit them from posting to your site again. If you do not know how to activate this feature, contact the site provider and ask for details on how to block a certain user.
  • Have some dedicated moderators. In order to limit spam in your site, having a group of moderators for your site, aside from yourself, would be a good idea. Their task is to manage the forum and delete spam threads.
  • Manual activation for members. This is a method used to access profile of new members. You can directly access their accounts and check for possible spam hazards. You can have access to delete or remove the account if you suspect that he or she is not a genuine user.
  • Enable comment moderation. This option puts all incoming messages or comments in a queue for the moderator to review before they can appear to the site. Spam messages therefore will be filtered.
  • Enable email activation. Before you can actually put a comment to a certain forum, you need to register first. Membership spam has multiple accounts for the same user. Activation through mail will be required and one user per one email address policy is implemented.
  • Use a spam filtering software. This will automatically filter all incoming comments, messages through some keywords. The software will search for certain keywords in the content of the message and disable or delete the message if it contains the search key. Popular filtered keyword would be sex, Viagra, pills and many more.
  • Allow posting limits. This will limit the number of messages or posts of a registered user. A time limit will be set before you can post again so spamming would be generally difficult because you cannot post repeatedly. It may also implement the CAPTCHA test before posting. This is used to test if the response is not computer generated. You would have to enter a certain text provided by the website before you can post.


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