How To Understand Pricing Strategy Software Tools

With the modern age, the development of new software tools continues to grow. Working out the price range for them is as difficult a task as having to decide on how much to spend in making them. In product pricing, you have to consider the labor, materials and demand of the product from the consumers. Consumers also look at the type of product your company has made. Some consumers would look at the name as the main factor for buying software so you must also have a branding strategy along with your pricing strategy. For some people, the better the brand, the better the quality. Pricing marketing is not limited to the items sold in the market, but also in terms of service. Some corporations serve as Internet providers and use that as means of business. There are two ways of pricing software, and if you want to try and understand them better, read this article carefully.

  1. Cost-Based Pricing. Cost-based pricing means that you will price your products depending on your cost of production. In this type of pricing, you will consider your cost for labor, materials and amount of production. If the labor has cost you quite a chunk of money for the production of certain software tools, or if you had to use expensive materials to form the tool, you need to price the software in such a way that you will gain more money to produce new software tools. This is the most common type of pricing, because if one settles for a base price, or a flat price, it will be certain that the same amount will come back to cover the manufacturing cost.
  2. Value-Based Pricing. As opposed to cost-based pricing, in value pricing, you take into consideration the value that the consumers will put into the tool you are producing. The amount of what customers are willing to pay will be the amount that you will price your tools with. Big names in the corporate world are taking this strategy to gain an audience with people who are very conscious of the price of the software they are using. Star Office and Linux are examples of corporations who are competing for those value-conscious consumers, to get a better leverage for their sales. If you think this type of pricing would be best applicable for the type of software you are producing, use this strategy.

Whichever pricing strategy you are considering using, you have to do an analysis to understand the needs of the consumers who will be using your software tools. Your products may need to be sold using the cost-based pricing depending on the product being sold. If you are assured of the consumer population that will avail of your software tool, use this way of pricing. Although if it is a very new product and you still need to gauge consumer reaction to the software, then the value-based pricing is the best way to gain the right price for your audience.


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