How To Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drives & Memory Cards

Have you ever experienced losing your most precious files by unexpected deletion? Considering the time you spend in creating a document, the loss it may entail on your business, accidentally deleting a file will really tee you off. However, you may still be in luck because there are a lot of ways to restore deleted files from your hard disk or any storage device.

But in order to recover your files, you have to make sure of the following conditions: you have not done any process of formatting, disk defragmentation, or wiping off data from your storage device; and you have to make sure that it is in good working condition. Should one of these conditions fail, a higher level of expertise in data recovery will be needed. But if you haven't done anything yet, you may follow the options below.

When you delete a certain file from your computer, it automatically goes to the recycle bin, where you can still restore it to its original location. But what if you have emptied your recycle bin? When the data in the recycle bin has been deleted, most of us think that our data is gone. But actually, it is still there and the system has  just deleted it from your view, leaving a space in your hard drive where it was originally located unless otherwise overwritten by another file. And that is what you have to be careful of. It is like accidentally recording songs to your favorite cassette tape, once overwritten, you cannot hear your favorite songs from that cassette tape any more. That is the same with restoring files on your computer. Time is a matter to consider when you want your data back, the more you use your computer after the accidental deletion, the more chances of overwriting your data.

Once established and hopeful that your files has not been overwritten yet (with your fingers crossed) you may download a data recovery software online ex.: recuva or restoration. But remember, you have to protect your data to be overwritten; you may choose to download it from another computer and save it to your drive instead and run it on your computer. Running the restoration wizard, you may be required to enter the type of files you want to recover and the location where it was originally located; from this, the software can detect your deleted files and restore them as well. There's a lot of recovery software available online; you just have to choose what you think you need.

In severe cases, these types of data recovery software cannot restore your data, you may consider seeking professional help. A lot of data recovery services can be found online. This might cost you a lot, and will depend on how you lost your files and the condition of your storage device. They would require you to bring you hard disk to their service center, either hand carry or via courier. But you have to leave it for them to analyze and backup your files and hopefully restore your deleted files.

One important reminder, when you delete a file by accident, immediately run a data recovery program. And if such software is not yet available, try not to save, download or do anything else that may overwrite your data. That is the best way to go.


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