How To Find Remote Storage Methods and Systems

Remote storage is a useful system or service that allows users to backup files and other important data. It can also be used as a remote organizer by people who want to access their data from a remote location. Others use remote storage systems to be able to backup important files in their computer that may be lost due to system crashes or the breaking down of the machine. There are different methods to store valuable data. There are many online servers that allow users to backup their files online.

Here are some of the remote storage methods and systems providers that offer their services:

  1. - GMail Drive allows the user to use a Gmail account as a way to store data. GMail Drive works by adding a new drive to the system. This new drive can be seen inside the My Computer folder. GMail accounts can carry up to 2 GB of e-mails. This is also the storage space used for the items that the user will add to the GMail Drive. You can add files and other data to be stored in GMail Drive by dragging and dropping files on the window. This tool can be downloaded for free from the website.
  2. - ElasticDrive is a tool used for remote data backup. Users can access data in any location using this tool. ElasticDrive also assures that all the information and data that you are going to store is safe. With ElasticDrive, the user can connect to other server based storage control tools on the Internet. This network hard drive can also be customized and expanded to add more storage if the user needs it.
  3. - Mozy is an online based universal storage that allows users to save important files, such as e-mails, photos, videos, financial data, audio files and more. This storage tool is available for personal or business use. A user can sign up for a personal account for free. This option gives the user 2 GB of space. MozyPro is the account that is used for businesses. MozyPro has some additional features.
  4. - Drive Headquarters is a website that offers application storage tools. Some of the services that the website offers are online storage and sharing, online backup for files and e-mails, FTP server hosting and software and SMTP/POP3 e-mail server hosting. Users can sign up for these services on the website for free.

These are some of the examples of remote storage systems that are available. With these, you can organize and access your files without having to bring floppy disks, thumb drives or portable hard drives. You can easily access your important files just by logging on to your account on the remote storage engine that you use. This is also very useful for people who experience sudden computer crashes. You can now store important data online so that you have a backup file saved if ever your computer breaks down. These are very useful websites as most of them offer the services for free and the storage size is big enough to store a lot of documents.


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