Remove Adware and Spyware

Removing spyware and adware is a relatively easy process. However, it may also be frustrating if you are unfamiliar with the process. There are different ways in which to do it and different software that you can purchase that allows you to remove the offending adware and spyware.

The first step is to do a system scan of your hard drive. By doing this, it allows you to see what, if any adware and spyware have been downloaded. You can obtain a free system scan online.I recommend AdWareALERT -- you can get a free adware and spyware scan there and, if any is detected, you can remove all of it from your system.

If the system scan does detect malicious software it is important to remove it immediately. Often, running a system scan will give you an option to delete the detected adware and spyware. System scan options may also be already included in any anti-virus software you have installed.

The best way to start removing is to disconnect your computer from the internet. Close any and all browser windows as well as email and instant messaging. By doing this, it prevents any further internet activity until the removal of malware is complete. Unplugging the internet connection is relatively easy. If you can get to the back of the computer, the best option is to disconnect the phone cord or Ethernet wire that is connected to the modem or router. If it is more convenient or easier to reach, the cords can also be disconnected from the modem.

The next step to malware removal is to try an uninstall directly from the computer. To do this, you'll want to open the add/remove programs option from the start menu. This will allow to manually uninstall the adware and spyware. To do this you select the software that has been installed. If more than one was detected you can select multiple software applications by holding down the control key while making the selections. Once this step is complete you select the add/remove button. It will ask you to authorize it and it removes the software. It is best to do a reboot of your system after the software has been uninstalled.

There are some things you can do to prevent future attacks of adware and spyware. You can adjust the security settings on your PC which can simply be done by going into the control panel under the start menu and selecting "security center." Another good way to prevent malware is to have a pop-up blocker enabled which prevents pop-up ads from being activated.


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