How To Set up a Google Mail Business Account

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Setting up an e-mail account through Google is a great idea. Their e-mail service, Gmail, is a wonderful product. Their mail accounts allow for blocking of spam through use of filters, a massive 25GB amount of storage, a built in search option, ease of use and, most importantly, it's free.

  1. The first thing we need to do to set up a Google Mail account is to go to From there we click on the button in the lower right hand of the page that says create an account. The next page is where we will fill out all of our identifying information. A Google account for mail will require us to give our name, create a name for our e-mail, such as and create a password. At the bottom of the page there is a security feature that requires us to type in the letters we see in a box. This prevents spam from creating fake accounts, just another useful feature Google offers those of us setting up mail accounts through them.
  2. After we fill out all the forms, read through and accept the licensing agreement, it's time to create our new Google account. The first option we will have is to be shown our new account. This is a great feature offered on Google mail accounts that helps people set their business up correctly. It will walk us through all the features available such as the use of filters, folders and labels, video and text chatting and the ability to save instead of delete. Not quite sure if you want to change yet? Google mail accounts even let you import all your old e-mail and contact data. All those business contacts won't be lost and you won't even have to rewrite them in manually. These mail accounts are completely user friendly. They'll even import mail for the next 30 days from your old account so you have adequate time to notify all of your business associates of your new Google business mail address.

G-mail is another great service provided by Google. They made their name on Internet service that is consumer friendly and they don't disappoint here. A Google mail business account will help you to be more efficient and better organized in your daily affairs. Usually anything that provides those benefits costs money, but not this time. Don't pass up the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge. A Google mail account is only a click away.


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