How To Use Software for Photo Organizers

Today’s era can be considered as the computer and Internet age, or what is more popularly known as the digital age. Everything that we previously did manually can now be done with the aid of the computer. This is also the case for managing your captured memories—the photograph.

With a digital camera you can capture every hour of your life, every event and every occasion. Because of the ballooning number of digital pictures, your next issue is how to organize them. The good thing is that photo organizer software have been introduced, making you an expert in creativity and efficiency.

Below are the features that you should look for in a picture software so that you would know what the software you are utilizing is capable of.

  1. Your software must be able to view and retrieve data from different types of media - be it a camera, video cam, cell phone, CD, USB, etc.
  2. Once retrieved, information must be easily sorted out (by date, by size, by name, by tag, etc) and grouped together.
  3. It must be user friendly and flexible according to your desired data. Graphic software must let you define color, size, margin, graphic design, photo enhancement, layout (including frames and borders), sections and other characteristics easily.
  4. There should be many options for each characteristic. Also, these must be easily saved in a template to minimize time.
  5. Pictures must be easy to share. The software must be web friendly, meaning it should be easy to upload pictures onto social networking sites and blogs. Slide shows, galleries, greeting cards and albums should also be able to be done with the photo organizer.
  6. The software must be capable of archiving the pictures you made, either by printing, burning to a CD, or saving on the computer.
  7. Lastly, help and support is a MUST feature. There should be guidelines in using, frequently asked questions and an index of the contents of the software.

If you are just starting out, see below the Top 3 used and awarded software used in managing photos:

  1. Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5.  This software can organize not only photomontage, but videos and music as well. It is very user-friendly and has the capability to support sharing from different media. You can view photos in chronological order using Album Calendar, by descriptive text or even your own rating (A, B, C, or unrated). Besides all the basic editing functions, this software has functions that zip and unzip files within its program. There is no need for another Zip program. There is also Auto-Fix to fix common problems automatically.
  2. Corel Photo Album 7 Deluxe. This includes Photo Finder, Photo Downloader, Photo Recovery, Photo-Trays, Quick Fix, Adjust Wizard, Sharpen Tool, and PhotoSafe Backup System. It is also famous for its Thinify™, which makes the subject literally thinner. It is said to automatically reduce the weight of a subject by 10 pounds. The QuickCD™ and Quick-Email feature saves you time to save and send photos. Corel Photo Album is very easy to understand, especially for first time photo organizers.
  3. ACDSee 2009. This product includes 30 preset edits and filters to guide you in making your photos better before sharing with others. It is easy to make screensavers, slide shows and online photo galleries with this. Most scrapbook enthusiasts use this as their photo organizer.

Given all the above-mentioned tips, organizing your pictures will surely be hassle-free. Now you will just need a lot of free memory space in your computer to store and organize your pictures.


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