How To Find Software for Stair Design

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Building staircases is pleasant business - until your glamorous customer fishes out one complicated stair design that involves a 90-degree twist somewhere in the middle. But stair construction can still be easy as pie. You can learn the basics of good design - whether for simple or complex situations - by taking online design classes.

Whether the stair design involves metal stairs, hardwood stairs or steel stairs, there is a solution to keep the wood rolling, to borrow a pun. The rules are simple: acquire enough money or a credit card and get a program that designs the stairs for you.

Of course software does not answer what materials to use, what type of materials to use for that specific design, if the stair design will be safe, what the width will be or how steep it will be. Local standard safety rules and codes are to be referred to with these matters. For the rest of the stuff to do with stair construction or stair building, you may look up the following software:

  • Stair Designer -This Europe-based software makes stair constructing look like playing a kid's game. It's easy to use and fast to finish. A reviewer commended its user-friendly attributes, in such a way that a beginner builder on staircases may print a project within 15 minutes. The Stair Designer features a 3D drawing of the stair of your customer's choice. Or if you prefer, the Stair Designer may pick a design from its collection that may look like what's ordered (newel stairs, spiral stairs or curved stairs, stairs made of steel, etc). You may test this software's reviews from satisfied customers online with a free trial.
  • Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 9.0 (formerly Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Suite 8.0) - This software features the works: you can design the whole house (the roof, stairs, of course, or attic, etc). You can even walk through your virtual house and take a photo. Staircase design-wise, though, this software does not offer specifics. This software, then, may come in handy with where to place the stair and how it would look with what-might-be ornaments and handrails. The older version was an Amazon customer favorite, the new version of the Home designer is reputed to be more suited to the more advanced computer literate or CAD (computer-aided design) knowledgeable. You may now be able to download a Windows XP or a Windows Vista version for a fee of $99.
  • StairBiz - This claims a version to suit the demands of clients across the world. There are numerous patterns of stairs that represent ideas of how the staircase may look as well as certainties of the whole project broken down into smaller steps for an easier and more satisfying feel. There are also 3D presentations, as well. StairBiz presents an overall feel, almost like it is a company in itself. Its features include accounts, job tracking, client management, project management, scheduling, export, and more. Claiming to be the top stair program, this software also manufactures customized staircases. All designs are based on the customer's own budget and materials, so the design may work around what's present, not on what could be present. So if you want to relax and let the program do all the talking, this package may be just right for you.

Probably the best software for stair design may ultimately be up to you.  Or, if you'd rather enroll in a design class online, that's up to you too!  Have fun choosing.


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