How To Find Software Tools for Cost Estimates

In the olden days, businessmen and project heads literally crunched numbers through calculators in order to produce cost estimates for the projects they were about to implement. Cost estimation is important in project implementation because it gives the accounting department an overview of the expenditures that will be incurred during implementation. With this, the necessary funds can be allotted or adjusted based on the terms of the company. At the onset of the new millennium, new technologies have been ushered in, facilitating easier estimation of project costs for companies through different applications and software. To date, there have been a number of cost estimation software packages available on the market, but we've listed three applications here for your consideration:

  1. Seer. Seer aims to help businessmen and financial planners complete projects on time, on budget and as specified. With their line of cost estimate software designed specifically for different industries, there's no excuse not to plan efficiently for a project. They have different kinds of estimating software for software development, manufacturing, electronics and information technology. Seer achieves this feat through four steps:  estimate, which promotes the use of price estimating software; analyze, which gives the edge of Seer as a project analysis software; plan, which encourages building of a detailed and accurate project roadmap through its project planning modules; and control, which tracks all the moving and closing developments of the project. In a nutshell, Seer is an all-in-one tool, and not just a price estimator.
  2. Slim-Estimate. Slim-Estimate provides realistic and data-driven cost estimates with its top-of-the-line price calculator, project monitor and schedule planner. With its smart components, you can eliminate and update double entries that tend to cause clutter and erroneous reports on project cost projection. With Slim-Estimate's software, you can determine the best strategy for designing and implementing your various business projects, while keeping track of progress and cost adjustments that keep up with real-time changes.
  3. Price Systems. Price System's software entitled TruePlanning lives up to its unique name. It achieves project planning support through four core steps:  Estimate, which includes a cost calculator, a schedule scope, and a measure of projected efforts and benefits; Analyze, which lets you explore alternative estimates, designs and projects; Justify, which enables project heads to generate forms and reports, present findings and justify decisions for certain aspects of the project; and Apply, which is basically the execution part of the software. TruePlanning has its edge in providing truly accurate cost estimates, and is used by companies in aerospace, defense, and government industries.


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