How To Use Digital Book Software

Digital scrapbooking is one of the most fulfilling hobbies done online. You start with raw pictures of loved ones, and after minutes of directing the mouse-voila! A creative storybook is done. When you see the finished product, you might be surprised at having created something so artistic - and, it's both easy and fun.

To create an album book, you will need software. These steps in creating a digital book may be similar across all software.

  1. Prepare the digital copies of the pictures you intend to use. The pictures must have been edited and sized according to your specification.
  2. Create your library. Arrange the pictures into folders groupings. You can group by persons, events, dates and places.
  3. Open the digital book program.
  4. Decide on the size of the book, the theme you want and title of the storybook.
  5. You can choose the paper or background. The number and type of designs of paper depends on the software you are using. You can also export designs of paper and background templates from the web.
  6. You can now get the pictures. You can either drag or drop, or in the export option, you will be allowed to browse and choose your pictures.
  7. Once all the pictures you want are in the program, it is time to design your book. Experiment and play. Mix and match options for frames and embellishments like ribbon and balloons.
  8. Next is to add the words. Adding text is easy. There is a text box (similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and Word) that you can drag and resize. Then you can add the text using your desired font and color.
  9. In making the book more creative, book quotes are available which you should maximize. Overlays, shadows, stickers, shapes, and even paper texture can easily be incorporated in your book. Also, use brushes of different types to create effects on your book.
  10. As soon as you see that your work of art is done, clean paper and a printer are all you need to make your masterpiece tangible. Note that most software are print-ready, with the exception of print companies that advertise their free software; those you have to pay for to get the prints.

As for the recommended software, here are the top four that any artist mostly uses and reviews when creating a digital book. They are all user-friendly and packed with so many features. To decide which suits you best, you can compare the digital books that you made from one software to another by using the same themes and pictures:

  1. Storybook Creator Plus. One of the most simple and easy to use programs. You can find this at
  2. Shutterfly Digital Scrapbook. The edge of Shutterfly is that you can design and print not only photo books, but also cards, calendars, DVDs, shirts, and posters. Their website is
  3. iPhoto. Since this is part of the Apple Company, the book themes available here are very creative and high tech. Imagine, the software can detect and recognize faces in the photos! It can match names with pictures. You can find it at
  4. Scrapbook Factory Deluxe. This software offers 6,000 templates and projects, 5,000 embellishments and 1,500 fonts. You can get more details of this at

There are more tips and instructions about digital book software. There are millions of combination of designs and effects available online. You will get excited as you start, but will be more thrilled to see the finished product. Also, only you can decide which software you prefer after trying some of them. Seeing your ordinary pictures come alive is truly addictive.


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