How To Find Software to use as a Lie Detector

Lie detectors may have little use for most people, but apparently, there are some companies that believe that there may be a market for software that determines whether the people you talk with are telling the truth, or a big whopper of a lie. Conventional lie detectors, or polygraphs, determine truth telling or lying by noting a person's physiological responses to questions. Irregularities in these responses may determine a lie, while consistent physiological responses may point to the fact that the person under interrogation is telling the truth.

The polygraph, however, is not a device that one could say that is meant for the end-user. That is why software may be the lie detector of choice for those who want to weed out the honest from those who habitually tell them lies. Most of the lie detection software available on the market are voice stress software. These determine whether a person is telling facts, or is exaggerating or bluffing to stretch the truth. Voice stress software operate on the hypothesis of voice stress analysis, which detects "microtremors" in a person's vocal muscles. "Microtremors" are postulated to indicate nervousness or other physiological irregularities, which may, in turn, imply lying.

Voice Stress Analysis software cater to a narrow niche of users. There are freeware and commercial software available. Below are a few of the more popular software available:

Truster Truth Detection Software. Possibly the most publicized and most expensive piece of voice stress software around, this may be worth a try if you have $195 to spend on a lie-detection software from Israel. With tall claims and big names on its publicity article on CNet, as well as a skeptical review, curiosity may be the one reason why you'd throw away what could buy you an iPod Nano and a couple of books. It couldn't hurt to take a look.  This is available on  CNet Article: Skepdic Article:

TVSA3 Voice Stress Analysis Freeware. Paul B. Dennis, who maintains websites against the "New World Order", developed this. He has made this software available as a service to fellow voters, in order to weed out politicians who may be telling tall tales in order to get votes. Paul assures that his software is highly objective, as it doesn't distinguish between human voices, as well as it has a function where its settings cannot be calibrated.  This is available on

X13-VSA  The X13-VSA. This claims to be "The most advanced voice analysis technology available today." Among its users, the X13-VSA's website boasts of the famous criminologist and psychologist Prof. Dr. Marco Strano. He is President of ICAA,  the International Crime Analysis Association. It has both a free and a Pro version.  This is available on

Fortress Personal Lie Detector. While hosted on different download sites, Fortress's developer's website is already defunct. While you may be able to try this software, because it's a demo, you may not be able to use it beyond its free use time limit.  This is available on

On the whole, the accuracy of voice stress analysis is debatable. While you may want to bug your phone and spy on your spouse, or use this method to sift through your employees, try the free versions before you risk serious cash on the wallet-denting commercial software.


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