Steps To Install Windows XP Software

Microsoft offer an updated operating system, which they call Windows XP. It took the place of Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Me. These days, computers are installed with the Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2. This operating system provides a better defense against viruses, hackers and worms. This service pack 2 also provides improved security options for Windows XP.

Even if most computers are already installed with Microsoft Windows XP, there are times when you have to install Windows XP. Here are some of these instances:

  • Your hard disk drive has to be replaced, and the replacement does not have Windows XP installed.
  • Your computer needs to be cleaned up due to some unwanted programs like spyware.
  • The computer you bought does not have an operating system installed.

The installation of Windows XP is not as difficult and complicated as you think. It is a very simple process and it does not take long to do. Before beginning with the installation process, use this checklist to make sure that you are prepared:

  • Have the Windows XP CD.
  • Have the product key located on your Windows XP CD case available.
  • Have computer hardware set up.
  • Have Windows XP drivers available.
  • Backup all your files and settings.

Here are the steps in installing the Microsoft Windows XP software:

  1. Open your CD-ROM and insert the Windows XP CD installer, then restart your computer.
  2. You will be told to press any key to boot from the CD.
  3. At this point Windows XP is beginning its setup. You will be asked to press the ENTER key.
  4. Then the Windows XP Licensing Agreement page will appear. If you consent with the agreement press F8.
  5. Select the hard disk drive where windows XP will be installed. Then all your existing data will be deleted from your hard disk drive.
  6. Then press the ENTER key for Windows XP to select Unpartitioned space.
  7. Then press the ENTER key again to choose Format the partition using the BTFS file system.
  8. At this point Windows XP is formatting and copying your setup files.
  9. Then it restarts and continues with the installation.
  10. On the Personalize Your Software page, type your name and your company name. Then, click Next.
  11. On the Your Product Key page, type in your product key, which is found on your Windows XP CD case. Then, click Next.
  12. On the Computer Name and Administrator Password page, in the Computer name box, type in the name that will identify your computer. Type your password into the Administrator password box, then retype it in the Confirm password box. Click Next.
  13. On the Date and Time Settings page, set the time and date for your computer’s clock. Click Next.
  14. Windows XP will configure your computer then on the Networking Settings page, click Next.
  15. On the Computer Domain page, click Next.
  16. After your computer has been configured, it will automatically restart. Click OK when the Display Settings dialog appears.
  17. Click OK when the Monitor Settings dialog box appears.
  18. Click Next on the Welcome to Microsoft Windows page.
  19. Then, on the Help protect your PC page, click Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates now. Then, click Next.
  20. Windows XP will check if you are connected to the Internet.
  21. If you are connected to the Internet, click Yes, when Windows XP setup displays the Ready to activate Windows? page and then click Next.
  22. Complete the form on the Collecting Registration Information page, then, click Next.
  23. Type all the names of the persons who will use the computer on the Who will use this computer? page. Then click Next.
  24. Lastly click Finish on the Thank you! page.

You can now choose the theme for your windows. The theme is the set of sounds, icons and backgrounds for your computer that makes it personalized. The installation is done and ready for windows activation.


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