How To Use PPC Search Engines for Online Profits

Pay per click (PPC) online advertising is a popular way to earn money from online content. For publishers, PPC is a good opportunity to monetize content from blogs, websites and social networks. For advertisers, PPC advertising is an inexpensive way to run targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Use proper keywords - As you would expect, there is marked emphasis on the use of keywords when running a PPC campaign. The keywords should be related to the product or service you are selling, and these should be popular keywords that publishers and searchers use, so that you are assured of appearing on relevant websites.

    Various online tools like Google's AdWords keyword tool can help you determine the best keywords to use with your campaigns. Simply login to and you can find out which keywords are relevant to a topic, and how many Google users are using those keywords in their search queries. This gives you an idea on which keywords are popular, and which alternates you can use.

  • Mailing lists - Another strategy for earning from pay per click is by establishing a mailing list. You can set up a mailing list that offers practical advice (depending on your expertise and niche) on relevant websites using PPC. This helps build up your credibility, and will be helpful later on if you intend to sell products through affiliate links. For instance, if your niche is in parenting, you can establish an e-group about parenting tips and advice. You can then run PPC ads on parenting blogs and websites, and offer free memberships to your mailing list. Once you have a sizable member list, you can include affiliate links in your e-mails.
  • Choose your target audience - When running a PPC campaign, be sure to focus on the demographic that is more likely to buy a product or service. These usually include single, upscale professionals who own credit cards and who are fond of surfing online for product reviews. These are the users more likely to buy products based on recommendations.
  • Viral marketing - Pay per click can also be used for viral marketing. This can be done with catchy ad texts and blurbs. With more people knowing about your product, the more you can sell.
  • The landing page - As the name suggests, you only pay the ad network and publisher when someone clicks your ad. Therefore, each time someone clicks your ad is an opportunity for you to earn, so you are definitely looking for a sale or conversion. Instead of leading clickers to your home page, design a landing page exclusively for each of the products and services you are marketing. This should show details about the product. The landing page should also make it easy for a user to do an action, which may be buying something or subscribing to your newsletter.

Pay per click advertising offers big opportunities both for the publisher and advertiser. To maximize your returns from PPC, be sure to monitor trends, and apply your research, especially when bidding for keywords.


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