Submit Your Cat Photo to LOLCats

Submitting a photo of your cat to LOLCats is a four step process. The first step is to go to their website you will first see the LOLCats homepage. On the upper right hand corner of the screen will be a brown "register" button. When you click on it, just follow the instruction to create your account. The fields with the red stars beside them are required information. After this you will go to step two.

This website is a great way to share pictures of your feline friend. On the homepage you will click on the brown button on top which says, "Lol Builder." Upon clicking on lol builder, you will be taken to a page which will allow downloading a photo of your kitty. You will see "Step 1 [Pick a Picture]" Click on the browse button to select the photo you would like to use.

Once you have selected your picture you can adjust the privacy setting to either "everyone" or "private." I selected "everyone" when I uploaded the photo of my kitty. I don't mind sharing his cuteness with the world. However, you can also select one of the photos already submitted as a base. The next box after the privacy setting is the "Picture by" box. This is optional. I didn't put my name in. Next you will want to click on the brown upload button.

Here comes the fun part! This is step four. Here is a page which will allow you to put captions in your feline photo. When I was looking at some of the captioned photos, I found most of them to be hilarious! You can have so much fun making your captions. You can adjust the font and pick colors. This allows you to be creative with your captions. Click on the brown preview button to view your photo with the caption(s) you just created.

After viewing you can either submit and save the photo or just choose to save it. If you submit the photo your kitty will be viewable to all who choose to see it. At this point you can opt to email it to someone or create a greeting card. The possibilities are endless. You may also submit as many photos as you'd like. What a fun way to give your cat some exposure and have a blast in the process.

I had fun creating my kitty pic and you will too.


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