The Best Tattoo Galleries Online

Searching for a great tattoo gallery can be a tedious job. One's view of a great tattoo can differ greatly from another. It is all in what you are trying to find. There are many types of different tattoo styles, ranging from old-school to tribal designs to biomechanics. There is really something for everyone.

If you are looking for a few ideas, I really recommend a site called Chopper Tattoo - it's got thousands of awesome designs, all the tattoo options you could want. 

Another good source would be bmeink, not only do they showcase photos of any style of tattoo one could possibly want, they also have reader testimonials and the names of the shops and artists that designed and placed these tattoos. Type in your browser and click on any of the pictures to your right. These are arranged by portfolio of the artist, type of tattoo and color. It's a very simple to follow website that will have any tattoo enthusiast in awe. After you see the tattoo you like, you may print the design, rate the artist or ask questions.

There is also tattoogallery, which claims to be the largest tattoo gallery online. Looking on the left of this site, you will find a list of each type of tattoo imaginable. The only catch with this site is you must pay to view or print the designs. If you are looking for an "angel" tattoo, just click angel. This will bring up thumbnails of small pictures. You can view a larger form that is a bit distorted and if you like what you see, click the buy this tattoo link. After purchasing, you may print this picture, email it to a friend or add it to your own gallery.

If you are looking for the same type of site that tattoo gallery offers, without paying for a picture, the perfect site is freetattoodesigns. Everything about this site works just as the gallery, but without paying a fee for someone else's work. Note that every artist should in some way be compensated for their ideas, so this is quite frowned upon for some tattoo artists.

The easiest way to see different types of tattoos is Google images. If you go to Google and type in tattoo and click on images, thousands of pictures will come up. This is perfect for someone who does not quite know what they are looking for, but just wanting some kind of idea to create their own. A lot of inspiration can be found on Google images as well as links to other websites.


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