How To Get a Better Wireless Internet Connection

Connecting to wifi

The newest craze in shopping malls or dining establishments nowadays is free Wifi. You can see customers with their laptops inside a coffee shop, fast food restaurants, and even in parking lots. Perhaps because of this trend, people go crazy buying their own techie stuff such as cell phones with 4G and Wifi as well as laptops that can access Internet through wireless technology.

Here are a few, but essential tips to improve your wireless Internet connection.

The first thing to consider is the position of your wireless router with the integrated access point. Be sure it is situated in the innermost or central location of your house or workplace. Place it up high or on the highest wall shelf. Forget about putting the router underneath your desk like what most people do, this could be one of the causes for a bad Internet signal.

Maybe only a few people know this, but when your wireless router or access point is close to metal objects, like huge filing cabinets, or a cement wall, you will suffer a bad Internet connection because of signal interference. Try moving your gadget a little bit and you will be amazed at how it will make your signal stronger. Also bear in mind not to use any wireless technologies in close proximity to the microwave oven. Yes, the microwave oven where you prepare your popcorn. A microwave oven, particularly the old models can send out signal intervention in all directions. Wireless mouse and keyboards, wireless cell phone headsets, wireless networking, cordless telephones, and microwave ovens, all function at 2.4 GHz. Having nearly the same bandwidth and frequency causes these gadgets to interfere with each other. To stay away from this dilemma, try the following:

1. Change your cordless phone.

There are other frequencies for cordless phones that you can buy. The old phone models use 900 MHz, and newer models use 5.8 GHz for instance. You can also make life easier by procuring a phone that utilizes Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS) technology. A new feature uses different frequencies to escape signal intrusion between a cordless phone and the base.

2. It may be out of fashion, but use a wired mouse and wired keyboard.

Also you won't have to be concerned about changing batteries.

3. Use your computer or your cell phone one at a time.

4. It is probable that when you try to set up a wireless network connection, you will find several networks in the vicinity.

Change your wireless network to an unusual and rarely used channel and you will find your connection faster.

5. If you have done all that but are still having troubles, see if the people around your workplace are interfering with your wireless connection. You can also check the neighborhood.

Once these tips are followed, you will find that you have a stronger and more secure signal to work with than before.


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