How To Find the Top 10 Express News Sites

As many news sites pop up, some may have a hard time looking for an express news site that reports news relevant to the reader. Here are the top 10 global express news sites that you may want to look at:

  1. Yahoo! News. Yahoo! News is, as of June 2009, the most viewed express news site according to AGB Nielsen. Yahoo! News features different kinds of news from opinion/editorial news, magazine news, business news, world and local news, scientific news, and even automobile news. Articles found on their site come from a variety of sources, like AFP and AP Their website is at
  2. offers a variety of topics from international, regional to local. They also have a Weather Service for people on the go. Known for their I-Report, a public journalism service where people can send their news bits and group news and upload on the website, they have been influential in reporting about online culture.
  3. It features original reports, wire-service reporting, and re-linked news from its affiliates like The New York Times. The biggest news site that caters to the US, they feature large amounts of national and local American news.
  4. AOL News. Mainly catering to Americans, AOL News has several categories as a news aggregator, namely National News, Entertainment, Business, and Sports. They also have a User Submitted News Desk and links to other AOL services like AOL Radio and AIM. Their website is
  5. The online arm of the American Broadcasting Company, ABCNews also caters to American web users. However, one thing special about is that you can watch reruns of shows they offer to their normal TV service like Dateline and 20/20.
  6. A local news site owned by the Tribune Company, reports local news in the Chicago and Illinois area. They have an obituary page and a classifieds section for citizens living there.
  7. The online express news site of the Fox Broadcasting Company, they feature International and National News. They also have links to websites of their commentators and pundits as well as videos of the latest news here and around the globe.
  8. The New York Times' online news service, most of their in-paper content comes online, along with their famous Editorial section. Videos and News in and about the New York City area are also featured. They also have a Global Edition for International News from a "Global Perspective."
  9. GoogleNews. Mainly a news aggregate stemmed from their Google Web Search, Google News re-links you to other sites. However, their IP Tracking Ability shows you links to local news first, then International News in the succeeding pages, although they now have a customizable feature for news preference. They are located at
  10. Shows both International and Local news, USAToday also reports on Political, Business, and Weather News along with Lottery Results for the US and some Canadian states.

With the advent of the Internet, most newspapers have opted to publish news online. In the past, you would have to wait for the later edition of the news before you could read about it. However, with the innovation of RSS Feeds, breaking news could be published as it happens. Paper newspapers are facing stiff competition against online news publishers and TV news due to their delays, advertising costs, and manpower. Layoffs and closures in print companies abound in the United States and abroad.


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