How To Uninstall McAfee Security Center

Reliable and effective security software must be installed in every computer to protect it from getting damaged by viruses, spyware and the like. However, problems such as incompatibility with other installed programs arise which could ultimately affect a computer's performance. This has been known to happen with the McAfee Security Center application. If the simple Add or Remove Programs function does not work to remove McAfee, then you have to follow these steps.

1. Access the McAfee folder in the Program Files folder.

Click on the Start button and go to My Computer. Access the local disk which is usually labeled (C:) and look for the folder Program Files then double click on that. Look for the McAfee folder and delete all files in that folder. 

2. Do the short cut.

Open any Windows Explorer interface. Copy and paste C:\program files\\agent\app on the Address Bar. You will be directed to the McAfee program files folder instantly. Again, delete every single file contained in that folder.

3. Do this if you can't find McAfee in the Program Files.

On the Windows Explorer toolbar, type McAfee in the Search field. Once in the McAfee folder, delete all component files to the security software.

4. Finally remove McAfee.

Click on the Start button and access the Control Panel and double click on it. The Add or Remove window will appear. Find the McAfee Security Center item, highlight it and click on Remove.

5. Shutdown your computer.

Close any programs running and reboot your personal computer properly so that it will go through a systems check.

6. Reinstall if needed.

If you have to reinstall McAfee again, just insert the CD in the optical drive and follow the step-by-step instructions supplied. If any problems arise while reinstalling, click on the Start button, click on Run and type in services.msc in the field and click on OK. Click on the McAfee Security Center file. The McAfee Security Center Properties (Local Computer) window will pop up. On the General tab, set type to Disabled. On the Recovery tab, set it to None.

7. Restart your computer.

Reboot your PC. Access Add or Remove Programs once again, and do the procedures detailed in step 4.

Bear in mind that every component relating to the McAfee Security Center should not be disabled on the System Configuration Utility's Services and Startup tabs because you will definitely have difficulty removing the program if this were the case.


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