How To Use a Free Logo Generator

To stand out from the crowd, your company needs to have a logo - especially if you have a website!  How do you generate a logo that is eye-catching and that people will notice and associate with your brand or company?  You don't have to spend a lot of money on a paid logo generator.  You can use a free logo generator, which you can find online, and you don't need to know how to program or design an entire website.

The first step in using a free logo generator is to find one that you can use.  The simplest way to do this is through a simple online search. Using a search engine by entering the words "free logo generator" in the search dialog box will provide you with a huge list of online services that can help you generate a logo for your site and your company.

It would be beneficial for you to check out each link for the free logo generators that the search engine turns up.  Simply click on each link and review the free logo generator interface.  Does it look simple enough?  Are you able to use the free logo generator created at that site?  If you have any questions about the free logo generator, it may be beneficial to close out that window and look at some other generator.

Each free logo generator requires you to enter the text of your company name.  You will then use the free logo generator's program to determine the color and the font of the logo.  Beside each color for the text and the background are codes that the free logo generator uses to create each color.  You do not have to memorize these codes, since most free logo generators have a color wheel or a color chart you can click on.  Just click on the color you want for the text color and the background, and the free logo generator will create the right colors.

Choose the text you want.  Each free logo generator provides examples of the various fonts.  Pick the one which you think works best for your company.

When you have generated the logo, the picture of the new logo will usually appear to the right or in an empty space provided by the free logo generator.  Right-click on the logo and use the "Save Image As" feature to save it on your hard drive.  You are now able to use the logo generated on your website, on letterhead, on your blog, or anywhere you can insert photos.


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