How To use a Job Finder

One of the best ways to find your next job is to use a job finder online.  Most of them contain local, national and international opportunities.  Some of the top ones include,,,, and  Most sites tell you when specific jobs were posted.

The first thing to do is, make a list of all the possible job finder sites out there.  You can search Google or Yahoo online to find most of these sites.  Once you have your list, start visiting these sites and save them in your browser.  This way, they will be easily accessible the next time you want to use them.

You should make a habit of visiting as many job-finding sites as possible every day or at least every week.  If you are unemployed like a lot of people, your job search should be your full-time job.  After all, the more effort you put into your job search, the sooner you will have that new career.

All job finder sites are user-friendly.  Just type in the job you want in the site's search bar, then choose the city and state where you want to work.  For example, if you're looking for a sales job just put sales in the search bar, enter the city and state, and hit the Search button.  If you want to find all jobs within the state, enter just the state and not the city.

Some job finder sites have additional functions where you can search a job by category or industry.  For example, you may want to find sales jobs in Ohio in the consumer goods industry - enter each of these search strings in the appropriate space for the best results. has a scroll-down button which allows you to choose the specific industry.  This function can save you time instead of you having to pour through all the sales listings.  Some sites like allow you to post resumes online.  Companies often look through these databases for prospective job seekers.

You can also pull up specific jobs by searching Google and Yahoo.  Just enter the type of job you're seeking and the city and state.  Your search will bring up dozens of potential job openings.

Once you search for a specific job on a job finder site, a list of openings will appear.  Apply for all of the jobs that pertain to your field.  In many cases, you may have to sign up and create a password for the site before  applying.

Job finder sites are valuable tools.  Make sure you use them regularly, and you'll have a new job in no time!


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