Use Comcast Email: Manage Your Email Account

Everything You Need to Know About this Email Program

If you are a Comcast Internet Broadband customer, your package includes up to seven email accounts. You will have to create all of these email addresses except for the original email account you sign in with, by going to the Comcast web site.

Once there, sign into your account and look for "Manage my user accounts." There, you can create up to six more user accounts and set passwords for them. On the same page you can turn on (or off) their spam filter, email forwarding and auto replies.

To use the Comcast email program once you have your account or accounts set up the way you want, you can log in by going to the main page and clicking on "Email." The Comcast website gets a facelift now and then so you might have to search for the link, but it will be near the top.

Click on the email link on Comcast's home page and you'll be presented with a page where you can log in to any one of the accounts you've just created or your original email account.

You can use Comcast web based email (called "Smartzone" by Comcast) pretty much like any other web based email program, but Comcast has more features than, say Hotmail or Yahoo. Using Comcast, you can download and listen to your voice email and you can drag and drop items into the trash. It also has an auto reply feature and a built in spell checker.

Click on "Inbox" on the left hand panel and that will open a list of all your messages. Just double click on the one you want to read and it will open.

Icons and words across the top show you how to use your email and how to do what your next actions, such as reply, delete or forward the email. If you click on the "X" in the upper left hand corner of the email, it will close and bring you back to the list of emails in your box.

You can create new folders to sort and organize your email by clicking on the link just above the bar marked "Folders."

Now you know how to use the Comcast email program. All in all, Comcast email is easy to use and self explanatory for the most part. If you have trouble with it, use the "Help" link or "Ask Comcast" for a fairly comprehensive result. If all else fails, you can email Comcast for help with specific problems.


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