How To Use Employment Websites

If you are new to using employment websites, you may be a bit overwhelmed at first.  Don't worry; once you dive in and begin to use employment websites, you will see it's not so hard.  After all, employment websites are designed to help match you with an employer who is looking for someone with your talents and skills, so they need to be simple to use!  Let's take it step by step.

The first step is to find an employment website.  You can find employment websites simply by typing "employment website" in a search engine (such as Google).  Pick an employment website that you want to try using, and click on it.

Next, explore the employment website to learn more about it.  Is this employment website local or national (or even global)?  Does the employment website contain listings of jobs that are of interest to you?  Does it require that you register in order to view listings or to apply for the jobs?  Note:  Even if the employment website requires you to register, you should not normally have to pay a fee.

Now try using the employment website to search for the kind of work you're interested in.  Most employment websites have a Search section for this.  You can do a simple keyword search (for example, "secretary"), or a more specific search, if the employment website allows you to fill in other criteria such as city and state, salary, education level, etc.  If you don't receive many results, try specifying fewer criteria.  Also try using other related keywords (like "administrative assistant" or "admin assistant").

Many employment websites let you save your search, so you don't have to re-enter it every time you use the employment website.  Some employment websites will even send you the search results automatically every day or every week, saving you even more time and effort.

Try using several employment websites, and bookmark the ones that are easiest to use and that have the kinds of jobs you're most interested in.  If you are using employment websites that do not send you the search results automatically, go back to them once a week or so and keep searching.

In using employment websites, don't forget to look at the other sections of the sites.  You can use employment websites to find articles with helpful advice about job searches, interviews, and careers.

If you use employment websites, with perseverance and luck you will be able to find the employment you're looking for.  Good luck!


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