How To Use Firefox

Firefox is a web browser that is easy to use and functional to suit almost anyone's needs.  With tab browsing, available pop-up blocking, security and optional plugins and add-ons to help any user's intent; this is a great option for someone who has multi-functioning browsing in mind.  The Firefox browser is always updating to keep up with the changing times and your needs.

Step 1:  Firefox is easy to use, and in fact free for users to download and install on your computer.  You may download this browser from the website.

Step 2:  Getting to know Firefox: Buttons.
The buttons are located at the top of your screen and are very helpful when you want to do something.

  • File:  From this button, you may open new tabs to work/play from, open new windows, open files for easy access or save progress on a document, also this is where your ‘print' option is found.
  • Edit:  This button is used to edit any information such as pictures or information you may be working on in the current windows.
  • History:  The History button keeps a history of websites you may have recently visited. This is very helpful if you accidentally have closed a tab by mistake or want to navigate easily to a recent website you have visited.
  • Bookmarks:  A very helpful button, from this link you can save favorite websites that you may visit often or need to easily keep track of.  You may also edit the bookmarks you save in Firefox to certain folders within the Bookmarks button so you can easily find them when needed.
  • Tools:  The Tools button is for finding recent downloads, checking add-ons; where you can enable/disable, clear private data and find options for making Firefox work best for you.
  • Help:  The Help button is helpful when you need additional information about Firefox, want to report a forgery, or need to find the current Firefox version you are running.

Mastering the menu bar is the easiest way to maximize your Firefox experience.  The search bar is located just beneath the menu bar for ease of access.  You can easily type in your favorite search engine, then go to the bookmark tab, bookmark your page, and you are ready to start using Firefox!

This web browser allows you to easily navigate through multiple tabs, gives you piece of mind with a built in pop-up blocker, and also allows you to easily customize your Firefox to fit your needs.


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