How To Use Google

The World Wide Web is a phenomenal invention and tool to find anything and everything you want. The issue is knowing what you want and knowing how to get there. Google is a family of tools that enables you to do many common activities online. One of the most common activities is searching for things on the Web. Google search engine is the most popular search engine on the Internet. There are some tricks to using it to extract exactly what you want.

The Google search engine at is simple to use. In the narrow white outlined field underneath the large word GOOGLE on the first page of, type in the word for the topic you would like to search and select "Google Search" or hit the Enter key on your keyboard. This will bring you a flood of web pages where the key word you typed in is found.

The results are listed in a ranking based on how closely the web page matches the key word you entered. The first couple of entries on the list are most likely to have the information you want. However, if your chosen key word is too general, the results may be disappointing.

The more specific you are in your search criteria, the more likely you are to get results that are meaningful to you. However, if you include too many search words, you may get too many wrong results and not enough right ones. An example of a key word that is too general, would be searching for the word "house." That might get you results as varied as the House TV show to houses for sale.

A more specific key word would be "house paint," or "house painters." Entering "house paint" will narrow the results to things to do with house painting, picking house paint colors, and house painters. Entering "house painters" will narrow the results to house painting contractors. Adding a geographic location, such as your country, or state, or city helps narrow down the search.

The way to conduct the most specific search is to click on the "Advanced Search" link to the right of the key word field. This opens a new entry page with additional search criteria fields that can narrow down the results of your search to a more specific group of web pages. The more specific your search, the faster you will find the specific information you want to find.


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