How To Use Google Analytics

First, what is Google Analytics?  Google Analytics is a web tool that was created by Google; it allows you to track the statistics of your web content.  It can track information such as referrals, as well as search engine activity.  Using Google Analytics can be incredibly rewarding for the beginning web designer especially for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, purposes.  SEO is the method used to find the best and most efficient ways to create on-line publicity for your website content.

SEO is no secret to most webmasters.  There is no more difficult thing to accomplish than SEO, even on an advanced level.  Conquering the search engines is especially difficult when you get into the more popular ones.  Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and now Bing are good examples.  Simple tasks such as adding effective key words, and placing only the best-worded and most cost-effective ads is something that can easily be taken for granted.  No one can expect to become an internet mastermind overnight.  Fortunately, that's where Google Analytics can be in your favor.  It was specifically designed by Google so that the average web designer can keep track of their web content more easily.

The tool can be a bit tricky for beginners to use.  However, it won't take too long to know how to do the basic tasks.  Google Analytics features ways to track information such as the Google page rank, your bounce rate (which will be briefly explained in just a moment), and traffic source information.

Bounce rate is a commonly mistaken term.  Most people mistake it for exit rate.  A bounce occurs when a visitor to your web site only views the main page.  To be more specific, you have a bounce when a visitor doesn't click any link to any other web page you have on record.  The bounce rate is something web builders generally want to remain low - a high bounce rate indicates that people are coming to your website, but aren't interested enough to really look into the content.

Using the Google analytics tool online is something to really consider.  One can expect to receive much better results in regards to web business if one uses it.  Google Analytic results are not just impressive in the way the program handles basic web statistics, but because every online location that a user is tracking is monitored by Google you can be sure that everything is as accurate as it possibly can be.  Even so, your Google email account can be directly linked to your Analytics account.  Thus, if you're logged into your Gmail there won't be a need to log in separately to your Analytics account. 


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