How To Use Google Books

Google Books is a versatile and powerful tool for almost everyone who needs information.  It is easy to use yet yields results that are rich and robust.  Teachers use Google Books to enter in portions of student papers to check for plagiarism.  Genealogists use it to search for local and family history.  Book lovers use Google Books to find portions of books or entire books by familiar authors or new literary acquaintances.    

To use the Google Books resource, enter a title, author, phrase, or book passage in the search bar at the main page.  Click on the advance search option located to the right of the main search bar to narrow your results and increase your chances of finding your item faster.  You may choose the "full view" option from the advance search page, but if you do, you severely limit gaining some useful information.   

The "full view" may legally be available only in cases of books that are out of copyright or that the publisher and/or author have given permission for a preview.  If the book happens to be in the public domain, you will be able to download a PDF copy.  Be aware that books in the public domain are those that were published prior to 1923.  You will not find a current bestseller. (For rules regarding copyright term and public domain in the United States, see    

You may be able to view portions of a book, or snippets of a book, but this can be very useful.  It can give you an idea if this book is one you would like to borrow from a local library or purchase.  Google has provided reference pages for books so that you can find much pertinent information, such as links to WorldCat, which will let you see what libraries in your area own this title.  There are also links to online bookstores, reviews, maps and web references.    

You may browse this book online with an excellent reader tool.  Enter a search term or phrase in the "search in this book" box and these will be highlighted in yellow in the text of the book.  Using the arrows at the top of a page, you can navigate to sections of the book that are allowed under the copyright law.

You may save this book and any other you may want to use in the future in your own "Google Books Library," one of the best features of all.


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