How To Use Google Groups

Google groups is an effective way for groups of people to get together over the Internet. Google groups are not only used for social purposes, but also for business purposes and any other type of group imaginable. Each member of the group is invited to join the group. There, they'll be able to see posted discussions and participate or start their own discussions. Conversations are recorded which makes it easier for people to go back and check previously mentioned information. Google groups is a way to organize activity that goes on in a group, making it easier for everyone to stay in contact with one another and catch up on discussions at their convenience.

The feature that makes Google groups most useful is the ability to e-mail everyone in the group with just one e-mail address. The e-mail address looks something like (yourgroup) Save this Google groups e-mail address into your e-mail contacts and send an e-mail out to the entire group easily. No more needing to keep track of everyone's new addresses and adding new ones who have joined the Google group. This way, everyone manages their own account on their Google group's Web site and customizes it to fit their preferences.

Users can customize how often they'd like e-mail notifications sent to their inbox, such as a daily digest, individual messages or a weekly update. Users also have the option of getting rid of the e-mail notifications all together and only accessing Google groups directly through the Web site. If you prefer that others in the Google group do not contact you, you can hide your e-mail address and even your real name. You can choose to post through a username instead. Google groups works with any e-mail server, not just Gmail.

Moderators of the Google groups are able to set up their group they way they want it. You can choose to have it private, by invitation only. Or you can have it public where anyone can view the Google group and join. It is also possible to choose who or who cannot post. If you choose for only the moderators to post, then the group can be used more like a list serve newsletter rather than a participatory Google group. Other features are available for use such as adding Google documents for the entire group to see and modify. You can also add contact information for each member and everyone can update their own for others to contact them.


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