How To Use Google Translate

What is Google Translate?
Google translate is a free online translator provided by Google.

How to find Google Translate:
Google translate can be found at this URL:

How to translate a smaller text or separate words:
First type in your word or text. Now choose the language of the word you wrote, and then choose the language you want to translate the text into. When that is done simply press "Translate". For example if you want to translate the English word "Hair" into German, you will have to write "Hair" in the text box. Then choose English to German as the translation, and then press "Translate".

How to translate a website in Google Translate:
First press "home". Now write a website URL in the same box as you typed in a word before. For example if you want to translate into German, simply do the following; Type "" in the text bar. Choose English to German translation and press translate. Google Translate should now open your desired website translated to your chosen language.

Adding a "Translate" button to your own website:

Press the "Get translation tools now" and the Google translate site will re-direct you to another site. There you will have to choose the language of your website. When that is done, copy the HTML code and paste it onto your website. You can also add the translation function to your browsers toolbar. To do so, you choose the language you want to be able to translate a site into. Press down and drag the language name to your toolbar. Now whenever you want to translate a website, simply open the site normally and then press the link in your toolbar.

Translating a document saved on your computer:
To Translate a document in Google translate is rather easy. If you are not already at then go there now. Just above the text bar where we typed in our text and website before, there should be a link with the text "upload a document". Press that button. Now you should see a "browse" button. Press that one and locate the desired file on your computer. When you have found the file, press open and choose which language to translate the document into. Now when you press "translate" it will translate the whole document into the chosen language.

Conclusion of Google Translate:
The service, Google translate, is great for easily and quickly translating separate words or smaller texts. One thing to note thought is that Google Translate does not correctly translate the grammar of the text. Remember to always manually edit the grammar and you'll be fine. Enjoy another free service by Google.


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