How To Use Job Search Websites

In today's tough economy, finding the right job can be challenging.  It doesn't always make sense to use gas and precious time traversing the streets job-hunting the old-fashioned way - that's why online job search websites have recently exploded in popularity.  They're convenient, fast, and easy to use, no matter what type of job you're seeking.

The key to success on job search websites is having a great resume ready.  Some sites let you build a resume once you have an account, but for those that don't, make sure you have your resume complete.  At the very least, make a list of your current and past employers, as well as education history and references.  Once you're confident you have all the information, head online to find the perfect job.

There are several commercial job sites, like, Yahoo! Hot Jobs,, etc.  You can also use a search engine to look up job boards, or type "(your city) jobs" into your search bar to find local job search websites.  

Once on the site, you can search by city, by state, by job category or keyword.  You can also choose to narrow the search down specifically, such as "Fargo North Dakota Customer Service", to find jobs that match those criteria.  You could also choose to search "data entry" or "construction" in the state of North Dakota to find jobs in a broader search range.  Browse through the jobs that are returned on the search; once you're confident that there are jobs you are interested in, it's time to upload your resume.

Job search sites require you to create an account with them, and almost all are free. Register with the site, then follow the steps for uploading or creating your resume.  Preview your information to check for formatting and information errors, then finish the steps for creating an account.  Once your account is created with the job search website, you'll be able to apply for jobs in one click using the resume on file.  Employers will be able to search your resume as well when they look for potential candidates.

So your account is created, your resume is uploaded and you've found job listings that interest you - start applying!  Once you've selected a job posting, and you're satisfied with the content of your profile and resume, click the Send Resume or Apply Now button to automatically send your resume to the employer.  The advent of job search websites has made it easy and hassle-free to apply for open positions!


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