How To Use Microsoft Maps

There are many features on Microsoft Maps that can help you plan a route or find your destination. Microsoft Maps is also user-friendly and reliable, providing up-to-date map information on areas throughout the world.

To use Microsoft Maps successfully, be prepared to enter some information about your destination. You can usually find a location or business on Microsoft Maps  through typing in part of the address or the name of the location, especially if it is a store, landmark or government building. For instance, if you type in "hospital" you will not be able to find the one in your town, but if you type in "St. Vincent's Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama" you can get the exact address.

If you want to look at a map of a city or town, click on "Maps" on the top right of the screen. There you will be given the option to type in an address. You can type in anything from a street name to a city and Microsoft Maps will provide you with a detailed view of the area.

Another great feature of Microsoft Maps is the ability to get directions to and from the locations of your choice.

First, type in the starting address. Then type in the address of your destination. This includes the street name and number, the city, zip code and state. If you are missing some of the information, type in what you do know. Microsoft Maps will give you a list of possible locations they have identified from which you can select your choice.

Click on "Get Directions" and your results should appear within seconds. You can select options such as "quickest route" or "shortest route". Directions will include a map and step-by-step instructions on how to get to your destination.

Results will also include helpful information such as the estimated time that the trip will take and the distance in miles. You also have the option to view the distance and get directions in kilometers.

Microsoft Maps has many easy-to-use features that can provide you with the best routes and most detailed maps available on the Internet. It is also extremely reliable and up-to-date. Whether you need driving directions for a cross country trip or need to verify the street name of a new store, Microsoft Maps uses all the information available to provide you with the best resource for maps and directions.


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