How To Use Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher has grown! Over the last seven years, the creative talent at Microsoft has been responding to the needs of people who wish to produce highly informative printed communication for their markets or simply establish a business or personal identity. Of course, we encourage you to try Microsoft Publisher 2007, but it doesn't matter which version of Microsoft Publisher you have. Help sections are available all the way back to Microsoft Publisher 2000.

You can use Microsoft Publisher 2007 to create newsletters, letterheads, brochures, fliers, even Web sites and more. You can publish these projects right on your own printer, or prepare them for commercial printing. You can use them in e-mail marketing campaigns, place them on your Web site or transmit them to other Web sites. In fact, using Microsoft Publisher enables you to present your identity and your message in virtually every form of visual communication.

Using Microsoft Publisher gives you access to a library of hundreds of templates that provide attractive and varied colors and designs for an effective and positive impact for your message. Or, you can modify the template of your choice or even start from scratch.

You can store the ones you like for future use and include copy that you will use again as well. There are more than 70 designer color schemes to choose from, or you can use your own ideas. Then, you can preview what you have done prior to commitment. You can try your message out with any of the templates you like and make comparisons.

Need to update prices or products in your marketing materials? Use the Catalog merge to insert new information from databases in existing brochures, catalogs and other marketing communications. No need to start all over when you need to announce a change. And, you can convert any publication for viewing on a Web site. You can add navigation information, edit your copy and post it easily.

Want to check your work before publication for any mistakes, or any design problems with varying media choices? Use the new design checker to make sure everything is correct and will fit where you want it to be.

Help is available at so many levels that using Microsoft Publisher is almost like owning a textbook on producing marketing communications. Got a question? Just look up the answer in the list of contents.

Best of all you can try using Microsoft Publisher on a 60 day free trial! During that time, we're sure you'll see what a valuable communications tool Microsoft Publishing will be for you and your business!


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