How To Use Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a wonderfully convenient way to manage your email accounts. You can even manage multiple email accounts in one convenient location without having to use Internet Explorer. Follow the instructions below to set up your identities and begin using Outlook Express today.

  1. Double-click on the Outlook Express icon on your desktop. If there isn't one, go to the Start Menu--Programs--Microsoft Outlook Express
  2. Under File go to Identities and click Create New Identity
  3. Name this identity--Example: John Doe Hotmail and click Switch Now
  4. Type your display name (this is the name you want to appear on your sent emails)
  5. Enter your email address and click Next
  6. Enter your incoming and outgoing mail servers (these will be provided by your internet service provider) and click Next
  7. Enter your account name (email address) and your password and click Finish

Now you may want to make sure all of the Properties on your account are set up as you would like them prior to sending emails. The best way to do this is to go to Tools and select Options. Under the General tab you can decide how you would like Outlook Express to open up, how often you want to do a send and receive, and whether you want to make Outlook Express your default mail handler (all emails will come automatically from Outlook Express when you click on email links in websites, and so on).

Under the Read tab you can decide how you will read your messages, i.e. plain text and/or HTML or how many headers you can see at a time. You can use the Signature tab to add a default signature to all of your emails. This is especially useful if you are sending emails from a business that requires a disclaimer. Underneath the Spelling tab, you can set your emails up for automatic spell check. You can use the Maintenance tab to keep your inbox clean and the Security tab to keep your account safe.

One further point to keep in mind is that many internet service providers now require authentication on their servers. In order to set that up, go to Tools, Accounts, and Properties. Click on the Servers Tab, put a check in the box next to "My server requires authentication" and click OK.

Congratulations! Your Outlook Express email account is established. Click Send and Receive to pull all your emails from your internet server.


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