How To Use Sony Walkman MP3 Software

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The Sony Walkman range of MP3 players is loved by many for its superior sound quality compared to the iPod and other MP3 players on the market. However, a downside is the SonicStage software supplied with the Sony Walkman MP3 players, which is far from the easiest to use. The SonicStage software is roundly criticized for being overly slow and complicated, and for not allowing users to simply drag and drop MP3 files from their computer to their Walkman. However, Sony also offer for download a piece of software called MP3 File Manager which is much more convenient than the SonicStage software. Sony's MP3 File Manager software can be installed on the Walkman and run from there on any computer you connect the device to, whereas Sonicstage must be installed individually on every computer you wish to download music from. MP3 File Manager also allows you to simply drag and drop MP3 files from the desktop, a functionality that was sadly missing from the Sonicstage software. The following will tell you how to install MP3 File Manager on your Sony Walkman and use the software to copy MP3 files to the device.

  1. Connect a USB cable to your Walkman and plug it into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Visit Sony's Web site at and follow the link to download the file called "MP3FMv2_ENG.exe." (Unfortunately Sony Walkman MP3 software is only compatible with Windows 98 and above. But on the other hand, if you had a Mac you'd be using an iPod, right?)
  3. Run the file you've just downloaded and follow the onscreen dialogue to install the MP3 File Manager software on your Walkman.
  4. Open My Computer and browse to your Walkman (usually called something like Removable Drive E:) and open the MP3FM folder.
  5. Double-click MP3FileManager.exe to launch MP3 File Manager.
  6. Open your music folder, then simply select the music you wish to transfer, and drag and drop it to the MP3 File Manager window. You can drag single files or whole directories at a time. Note that the program will not allow access to the music files until the transfer is complete, so don't attempt to play MP3 files at the same time as you're transferring them.
  7. Unfortunately the MP3 File Manager program does not support playlists, so if you wish to upload playlists to your Walkman you'll have to use the SonicStage software.


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