How To Use the AOL Email Directory

America Online is a corporation which provides people with internet service, email addresses, and more. Since the internet is so large and impossible to secure entirely, one should always consider using the AOL Email Directory for any email addresses about which one may need to find more information.

The AOL Email Directory is a directory which lists all AOL emails in an organized fashion to make your life easier.  Many people have AOL email addresses, so this directory is very important to both business executives or any average internet user.  Emails are very difficult to hold onto if you simply keep them stored on paper or in a document on your computer because they are easy to lose or forget about.  The reputation of the AOL user is difficult to be known unless using the AOL Email Directory, which is easy and helpful for your worldwide web needs.

To use the AOL Email Directory, simply put the name of the AOL user which you wish to email into the query box and then press search.  You will then get information about that AOL user such as the name of the AOL user (although this is not necessarily the real name of the user, nor the name of the company), demographics about the user, such as age, gender, etc., the IP address of the computer used by the AOL user, the general location in which they live, and information about the reputation of the AOL user, such as whether or not the email address is associated with spam.  While AOL is a reputable company, many people who use AOL for their email needs do not necessarily have good intentions, and therefore, one must be wary of any email address that he or she is not familiar with.

The AOL Email Directory may also be used in a reversed fashion in order to find the email address of someone whom you would wish to email.  You may type in the name of the user, and if he or she has an AOL email address the information will show up promptly.  This is useful if one has forgotten or lost information including the email addresses of contacts which he or she wishes to email.

It is important to note that using the AOL Directory most effectively does require the payment of a small fee, although this is definitely worth the investment because one can never be too careful on the internet.


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