How To Use the MS Word Resume Template

All versions of Microsoft Word have templates that can be utilized to simplify document creation. Microsoft offers templates that you can access on your computer and through Microsoft Office online such as resume, letters, memos and report templates. For the purpose of this instruction we will focus on Microsoft Word 2003.

To begin open Microsoft Word 2003. To find a resume template to use select the File Menu and choose New. In the pane on the right of the screen select On my computer in the templates section. For now we will work with resume templates installed on your computer. For additional resume templates you may view the options on Microsoft office online.

Once you've chosen to view templates on your computer a dialog box opens with different tabs for the various types of templates, for example; General, Memos, or Letters & Faxes.

From the different tabs select Other Documents. Within the Other Documents pane there are three different resume templates and a Resume Wizard to choose from. The available resume templates are Contemporary Resume, Elegant Resume, Professional Resume.

We will work with the Resume Wizard which allows you to create a resume tailored to your preference. Select Resume Wizard in the Other Documents pane. When the Wizard dialog box appears click Next. For the purpose of this example we will use Professional Resume style, then click Next. Now, you are presented with options for the type of resume you would like to create. Entry-level resume, Chronological resume, Functional resume, or Professional resume. Let's choose Functional Resume.

As you continue through Resume Wizard you will be prompted to fill in your contact information to populate the Professional Resume we are creating. Continue to move forward through the Resume Wizard and select the appropriate headings that should be incorporated within your Professional Resume. Once you've added your contact information and chosen all of the necessary headings, click Finish.

This is where the fun begins.  Your contact information entered in the Resume Wizard is displayed at the top of the resume.  You'll also notice the headings selected within the Resume Wizard are displayed in the document in bold. The phrases in between brackets "[]" should be replaced with the corresponding text. For example, [ Company/Institution Name ] next to the Education heading in your Professional Resume would be replaced with the name of the school, College or University you attended.

Continue to fill in your background information to complete your Professional Resume.


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