How To Use Video Editing Software

When it comes to video editing, you can't beat the power and ease of Apple's Final Cut Pro. Below are some easy steps to edit a simple video.

  1. Open Final Cut Pro from your Dock.
  2. Import or drag and drop the video which you wish to edit onto the timeline interface at the bottom of the screen. You can take an existing video from your computer, or upload one from your video camera straight into the Final Cut interface. Now it is time to render the video so you can see it (shortcut command R). 
  3. The simplest way to edit your video now is to use the blade tool (shortcut B). You simply hit the spacebar to play your video, and hit it again to stop the video at the point where you want to make a cut. Clicking your video on the timeline with the blade tool will cut the video into two pieces. When you play the video again, and find the end point of the section you want to cut out, simply click again. Now the video has been cut.
  4. Select the piece that you don't want, and hit the "delete" key.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are left with only the portion of the video that you want.
  6. This step is optional.  You can add effects from the effects tab at the top of the screen, to make the transitions between cuts go more smoothly or to add visual appeal.
  7. When the video is to your liking, go to "File", scroll down to "Export", and then click on "Using Quicktime Conversion".
  8. Wait while your video is being exported.
  9. If you simply want to view your project, go to "File" and then scroll down to "Print to Video".
  10. Now you can watch your video on your computer, or you can move it to a DVD burning program and export it onto a DVD. The DVD burning process is a whole separate program. Larger, double-layered DVDs may be needed for larger projects (like for ones over 100 minutes).

And there you have it. The interface of Final Cut is more complex than this, but these basic steps will serve you well in any video editing program. If you are a Windows user, the powerful equivalent would be to use the Sony Vegas editing software. If you are looking for a software that will let you capture images and video, plus be able to burn your DVDs from the interface, then you should try Nero. The choice is yours, so have fun!


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