How To Use E-mail Marketing Software to Fight Spam

More often than not, one directs his mouse pointer to the Report as Spam button once an unidentified sender sends him an e-mail. And why would he not when we all know that a lot of computer viruses are now sent this way. The same is true for unsolicited e-mails marketing one product or another. All too conveniently, we click on the Report as Spam button to filter out these messages regardless of whether we are aware that the business is valid.

For those running a legitimate e-mail marketing business, the scenario described above can be disastrous, not only to his respective business, but his reputation as an Internet marketer as well. Firstly, major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Yahoo block servers that have been identified as spam originators. So if you have been relying on e-mail blasts to get to as many audiences as possible for your product or service, and if most of these messages come back as they are rejected by the recipients, then you may have already been identified as a spammer by the ISP. It will now be only a matter of time before your e-mail server is frozen, or worse, altogether banned.

Secondly, injudicious sending of e-mails to market a product or service could result in an unmanageable address book. Aside from the fact that you will likely end up labeled as a spammer by the e-mail recipient, the ISPs will also raise a red flag on you since too many spam complaints have already been received. This in turn inevitably results to too much time wasted trying to get through to people who are in no way interested with what you are marketing.

So how does one avoid such scenarios from ruining a budding legitimate business through the use of e-mail marketing software to fight against spam? Most of these types of software applications enable the e-mail marketer to set up a system that will manage his address book effectively. This is done through the features in the software that lets the e-mail recipient confirm his subscription to really make sure that he indeed wants to receive such e-mails from you. E-mail marketing software applications also have a way of filtering out e-mail addresses of those individuals that have requested to be unsubscribed. This way, you are sure to only maintain correspondence with those who truly want to hear from you. This also guarantees that you are not marked as a spammer thus protecting your and your business' reputation. If only all e-mail marketers carried out good e-mailing practices by using e-mail marketing software tools, then none of these problems would have sprung up necessitating laws against unscrupulous business practices online.


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