How To Watch Movies and TV Online for Free

Some people would love nothing better than sit in front of the television set and watch their favorite shows or movies. But with all of one’s day-to-day duties, they find themselves in front of their computers more than their TV sets. You won’t have to miss an episode of your favorite TV show now that you can watch them all online. Your episodes or movies will be there for you when you have some free time to watch.

  1. Download the necessary codec and programs. Some video players online or video formats may require you to have a certain codec installed on your computer like DivX. Some sites may require you to install certain plug-ins for your existing multimedia player or download a specific player like VLC media player, Adobe flash player or Real Player to enable you to watch the online videos.
  2. Surf the Internet for websites hosting online movies and TV shows. There are dozens and dozens of websites that let you watch free movies and TV shows. Most of the sites will just have links and redirect you to the original site. That way you won’t have to sift through hundreds of search results before finding the site you want. You can try a search for your specific program or category because the show may have fans just like you and may have put a fan site, like an anime site for example. They’ll most probably have a collection of the anime series online for you to watch and most of these sites are updated so you won’t miss an episode.

    Some of the websites you find may ask you to signup and create an account with them. Once you have an account you can then subscribe to the show or series you want. You will be updated too if a new episode is available.

    You can even find old TV shows or movies online. There are sites with a retro theme that have old TV shows or movies. Possibly episodes of a TV show you grew up with. You might have missed a few episodes back then, but now you can watch them all over again without skipping an episode. You were probably too young to watch a certain movie, so here’s your chance to watch it.

  3. Watch TV channels online. You can watch TV channels from all over the world online. There are sites that let you watch channels from their online player, or may have you download a player. Some sites are dedicated to news channels or sports and some have a variety of channels for you to surf.

 Watching movies and TV online for free is convenient because it allows you to watch your favorite shows when you want.


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