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Of all the exciting and innovative things that can be done over the internet, watching your favorite TV shows may be the most exciting. Even if you don't have a high definition TV, or an HD satellite or cable package, you can now watch many of your favorite shows in HD on your computer, whenever you want, with limited commercial interruption.

One popular option is to get software that allows you to watch thousands of channels worldwide on your computer, as much as you want. It's like having satellite tv, but on your PC. My personal favorite, iSoftwareTV, has over 3000 channels - I love it.

All major television networks now invite you to watch their current TV shows on their own websites. Visit Fox and you'll see a bold link at the top of the screen inviting you to "Watch Full Episodes." Click on the link, and you'll be able to select from all of Fox's current offerings. Likewise on the ABC and the CBS sites, links are available to your favorite TV shows available on the internet. With some exceptions TV shows are available the day after they air. The most popular shows may require you to wait a week before viewing.

You can also visit sites such as HULU which make watching TV on the internet a real snap. Registration is free, and enables you to sign-up for individual episodes, or to track your favorite TV show over the internet to watch whenever you sign-in. On hulu, for example, the TV shows available are current offerings from Fox, NBC and their subsidiaries. But there are also many movies available, and you can even find whole seasons of your favorite 1980s and 1990s TV shows to watch on your computer.

Some independent websites purport to list all the TV channels broadcasting their shows on the internet. Sites such as WWITV list stations from around the world in a variety of languages. These sites usually require you to select a country, and then surf down a list of stations available in that country to make your selection. Some of these websites have very browser specific code: Firefox and Safari have difficulty with the code on some of them.

Fourth, new ventures like MySpace Music allow you to watch many TV shows and especially music videos over the internet. A search on Google or another search engine for your favorite show may bring up surprising results.

If you want to watch your favorite TV shows over the internet in HD, the options are endless. From sites such as hulu to the networks' own sites to new sites just being developed, your favorite show is now just a mouse click away.


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