How To Find Webcam Security Software for Home Surveillance

If you are a parent who's always worried when leaving your kids at home with a nanny whenever you go to work, or you're someone who's simply worried about the security of your house when you're not at home, you can use your computer for home surveillance. All you need to do is download a home surveillance software. Here are some softwares that you can check if you want to turn your webcam into a surveillance camera. 

  1. WebCam Monitor. Developed by DeskShare, this software allows you to use webcams and IP cameras to monitor and record videos, which used to have very little use aside from VOIP, and outside the online dating community. You can also program its schedule of when to start and stop monitoring automatically, broadcast the video from your camera and view it remotely, stamp the video recording with date and time, get e-mail notifications with a photo snap of the event that triggered the recording, and set up a website that will constantly be updated with recordings and photo snaps. They offer both a free and paid versions of the software. You can download it from this website:  
  2. Watcher. Developed by Digi-Watcher, this software offers motion detection, video surveillance, broadcasting, streaming, and recording. The video log files produced by their software are well compressed to much less than 1% of its original size, but still guaranteeing its quality. They also offer FTP upload alert and email alert, saving of the streamed video into your computer's hard disk, and password for private viewing of the videos. This software can be used with any kind of cameras, whether it's a webcam, or a digital camera by Sony or Panasonic. They offer both free and paid versions of the software. You can download it from this website:
  3. SupervisionCam. Developed by Peter Kirst, this software allows you to capture and compare images from digital camera, image files, or the computer screen at intervals of your choice. It also supports a large range of cameras and capture boards, can support more than one camera simultaneously, supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese, allows you to remotely control the program and view images through any kind of web browser, and you can also add descriptions and/or logos to images. You can download the software for free, but you can register for a very small amount as a donation to the developer. You can download the software from here:  
  4. Rise Sun. Developed by Reohix, this software will let you turn a simple webcam into a full pledged security surveillance camera. You can also adjust its Motion detection, Alarm Triggers, and Automatic Snapshot Capturing features. Rise Sun works on all webcam models. Upon detecting motion, it can automatically take pictures, trigger audible or silent alarms, and log events. This software runs with Windows Vista and XP. You can download this sofware for free with full features. You can get it from this website:
  5. HomeCamera. Developed by Wireless Intellect Labs, this software claims to be the world's easiest-to-use Internet home surveillance camera system. Videos recorded can be accessed from any kind of browser on your computer, from your PDA (personal digital assistant), or from your mobile phones regardless where you are in earth. It has the full features of a surveillance camera, video conferencing for sharing the recorded videos with others, and it also works with all kinds of webcams. This software runs with Windows or Linux, and can be downloaded free while it's still in beta testing. Once it is released commercially, all beta users will receive a special discount. You can download the software from here:

Security cameras can be very expensive, so this is not an affordable choice for simple living parents who are worried about the kids they left at home. Thanks to security softwares, remote monitoring from your webcam is now possible.


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