How To Understand an Online Mail Bomber

An online mail bomber is a program that sends mass spam e-mails to a single person or a system. This is done so that the system or the computer of the person will not function in a normal way or sometimes, stop functioning. The system crashes due to the large amounts of data that is being sent to the computer or the system. The system is not able to process the data all at the same time and this results to the crashing of the system.

Here are more information on online mail bombers:

  1. Mass Mailing. Mass mailing is a method used in e-mail bombing. This is known as the act of recreating duplicates of a single message and sending it to an e-mail address. This e-mail bomber method is carried out as a DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack to a server. A botnet is a robot that automatically sends out the e-mails. Mass mails are simple ways to carry out e-mail bombs but they are also the ones that can easily be detected. If you setup mail with a spam filter, it can block these spam e-mails. This can also be a result of a malicious software that is installed on a computer. This can load up a server and cause the system to crash.
  2. List Linking. List linking works by registering an e-mail address to multiple e-mail subscriptions. The result is that the e-mail address will be receiving a lot of subscription messages, such as advertisements, newsletters, online movie rentals, coupons, discounts and more. You will have to manually unsubscribe to each of the mail accounts in order to stop getting these e-mails. The client computer can slow down due to the massive amounts of subscription e-mails that are being sent to the e-mail address.
  3. Zip Bombing. Zip bombing is also common to mass mail bombing. Online webmail accounts now have a feature of checking the e-mail for malicious viruses to filter out spam e-mail. Since then, hackers have devised a way to send these viruses to e-mail addresses without anti-virus programs detecting them. The viruses are then sent a compressed file. The unpacking of these compressed files can use up a lot of RAM and space. This may then result in denial of service.
  4. Message Bombing. Online message bombing is another method of mass mailing. This can be done in message boards and chat rooms. Message bombing is usually called flooding. This act is violating of the netiquette. The system can be flooded due to the sending of the same message multiple times and this can also cause the server to crash.

These are some of the methods that are used in online mail bombing. These activities can result in the crashing of the system. It can also be annoying to see a lot of spam e-mail in your inbox. In order to prevent these e-mail bombs from happening, always set up an anti-spam and anti-virus software in your computer. Also, do not give out your e-mail address to a source that is not trusted.


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