How To Buy Customized Floor Mats

Floor mats come in many shapes and designs. Car mats are definitely not just rectangular, as they need to conform to the interior of the auto. Whether it’s for your home, your automobile floor or cargo liner, you can opt for a customized floor mat. There are many commercial companies that offer custom mats tailored to your specifications – size, shape, color, design and material.

Floor mats serve to protect the floor from dirt, dust, mud and other forms of debris. Depending on the material of the mat, it can protect you from slipping or it can soak up water, grease, oil and other liquids off the floor. There are many kinds of mats aside from door mats. There are pet mats, yoga mats, bath and kitchen mats, auto mats, cargo mats and foam mats (which are great for a child’s room). Mats are functional as well as decorative. Many people use different floor mats depending on the season or upcoming holiday. Mats welcome your guests to your home or place of work. Interior designers include floor mats and carpeting when they design a home or an office. And the men, they do love their cars and want the vehicle’s floor protected at all costs.

Some mats are very easy to wash with just a garden hose; some are even stain resistant. There are non-slip mats, luxurious carpet mats and heavy duty, durable mats. It all depends on the material used in making the mat. Floor mats can be made from a wide range of materials like:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Metals like aluminum
  • Fiber (carpet floor mats)
  • Textile
  • Coconut fiber
  • Grass
  • Jute

Some of the customized designs are:

  • Embossed name and logo
  • Monogrammed or embroidered design
  • Cartoon characters
  • Holiday and seasonal designs
  • Religious designs

There are many online manufacturers of customized floor mats. You may want to visit the following sites:

1.    Custom-Mats
2.    Mats Pro
3.    Direct Mat
4.    Matworks Ltd.
5.    Xpress Mats
6.    Martinson-Nicholls Inc.
7.    Mats4less
8.    Custom Floor Mats
9.    The Floor Mat Guys
10.   Logo Products for Less

Many more companies on the web offer customization of floor mats. You can check for suggestions. If you want to talk to a salesperson face-to-face, check your local yellow pages for companies that customize floor mats in your area.

Custom floor mats are definitely more expensive that the run of the mill commercial or universal floor mats. However, you can have the mat made exactly to your design. They are simply unique. It is one way of impressing your guests in your home or office. It may even be the envy of your car buddies.

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor mat, for your home, car or office, you don’t have to settle for standard mats. Have your mats customized to give them a more personal touch. Choose the design, shape and material wisely, as custom floor mats convey your personal style or that of your company. 


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