How To Buy Kenwood Food Processors Parts and Accessories

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Kenwood is a name noted for top quality kitchen products like food processors, food blenders, food mixers and many other kitchen aids. On top of their product line-up is the Kenwood Chef Kitchen machine, which received praises from various users in different parts of the world. To go with the changing needs and lifestyles, Kenwood came up with innovative, excellent quality products from kitchen tools and wares to commercial appliances that can definitely last for a long time.

Aside from your nearest local store, Kenwood products are also widely available in several online stores. And for those who are in need of Kenwood food processors parts and accessories, you can check out the following.

  1. A long and wide array of food processor parts and accessories are offered in this store. They also offer mixers and bread makers, so you can wake up with excitement to the smell of freshly baked bread. Food processors offered in this store come in various models and types, whether to makes dips and salsas or any home-made dishes, but without spending too much time in the kitchen. They have compact processors, compact multipro, large MultiPro systems and of course, traditional processors.

    Compact processors are good choices for kitchens with limited storage space. Included in this type are Compact FP108, Compact FP116, and Compact FP180. Compact MultiPro on the other hand has the standard features of the compact ones but with added dual drive system. Included in this range are the FP220 and FP225 and FP250. For more experienced users, the Large MultiPro system is a good choice, although it requires larger space for the big capacity bowls and liquidizers. Users can choose from the FP730, FP735, FP905 and FP920. And lastly, buyers considering the traditional processors can opt for FP610, FP620, FP626 or FP636.

  2. Argos. This store offers a Buy Now, Pay 3 Months Later offer for customers with an Argos Card. Most sought after among the food processor products that they offer is the Kenwood Chrome Food Processor. It comes standard with the Kenlock safety interlock system and Kenstore on-board storage. Plus, the store also has reviews regarding the product, so you can know its good features along with the not so good ones.

  3. Comet. This store offers sales and discounts on Kenwood products, specifically on food processors. They also have the Total Product Cover, which offers a warranty to repair or replace any defective part depending on several conditions and policies. Added articles that offer tips and information not only regarding food processors, parts and accessories but also about other Kenwood products such as food blenders, food mixers, Cuisinarts and other kitchen aids. This can be a big help to buyers and users, especially to first-time customers.

  4. Kenwood Online Store. Of course, Kenwood itself will have their products right at their site. They have complete Kenwood products including food blenders, Cuisinarts and food mixers, Cuisinart blenders, food processors and other accessories.


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