How To Download a Calendar Program

Getting a calendar program does not mean you're being dependent. This just means you're striving to have a more organized schedule. Good for you, because there are many calendar programs you can choose from.

These calendar programs vary in their focuses, like calendar making or as a reminder software. There may also be complex calendar applications and the simple. Although varied, these applications are all calendar programs that you can download. That way, your desktop or laptop can finally have an online or offline tool to remind you of everything important that you need to remember.

Now, you may be asking where you can download calendar programs. The following sites will help you get free calendar programs as well as paid calendars:

  • Calendarscope. This calendar application is intended for users who frequently plan, manage, and schedule appointments, meetings, vacations, special events, and birthdays. Using this, you can view your events per day, week, month, or year. You can also change the fonts, colors, as well as reminder sounds.

  • Mozilla Sunbird. If you're familiar with Mozilla Calendar, then you should be familiar with this, too. Mozilla Sunbird is a redesigned project of the original. The purpose of its creation is to produce an application that can perform on different platforms. Also, just like other Mozilla products, this calendar is freeware.

  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar. This is another freeware calendar application. Most people who have used Outlook are surely familiar with this. But the newer version of this application is almost a standalone application that you can access without opening Outlook.

  • WebCalendar. This is a PHP-based calendar that can be used by one or many users. That means a group using this calendar can view this collectively. If you have a group, this calendar will surely be useful to your organization.

  • MindFul. This software is a combination of mini calendar and event reminder.

  • DmailerSync Plus 8. This application costs about $30, but that price is surely worth the full-features of this application.

  • WinPIM. The "PIM" in this software name means personal information manager. Using this software, you can manage your notes, tasks, calendar, diary, and contacts.

  • Active Desktop Calendar. This is another PIM application that can be displayed on your computer's wallpaper. This application allows customizable icons, colors, and fonts.

  • Pagan Daybook. This calendar application is a specialized calendar program for pagan activities.

  • VueMinder. It can be a calendar program but it is mostly a reminder program. With this, you surely can remember important appointments because it will not only provide you with alarms,  but it can also send email or text messages to remind you of important appointments in your schedule.

Before you download a calendar program, you might be faced with a big challenge. Will you get freeware or a paid application? The best piece of advice for you is to prioritize the software features you will most rely on. Look for freeware first that has all your needed features. If none of these free software applications suit your needs, then it's time to look through the paid software. If you decide to buy, then its better to use the trial version of the software first. That way, you surely can get the best value for your time and money with the best calendar program.


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