How To Download a Wireless Mouse Driver

Wireless pointers (or the wireless mouse) are the new computer paraphernalia becoming popular due to the mobile culture of the modern computer users. Most users who acquire a wireless mouse would say that the biggest advantage of owning one is the absence of the pesky mouse cables. Cables are ok for personal computers or computers that are not portable. But for portable computers, a cabled pointing device means additional maintenance and care.

Because of this there are more laptop owners who are wireless mouse users too. But what if their wireless mouse package does not come with the CD driver installation software? Or what should they do if their software has been corrupted? Below are some hints on how to find a wireless mouse driver.

  1. Check the manufacturer’s website. First of all, the wireless pointer’s manufacturer should be on top of the list. Not only because they are the source of the hardware, but they should be the most reliable source of installation software. The fact is, all computer related product manufacturing companies, software or hardware, have websites and product support. Also, they provide the most updated software downloads.
  2. There are lots of websites offering downloads of wireless mouse drivers. But choose those websites that also offer product reviews. These websites don’t just prepare the users, but they provide useful guidelines as well. They compare pros and cons of the software. Check websites such as and
  3. There are also websites that compare wireless mouse products. These websites can even offer a free virtual tour for more software specifications. Though most of these websites sell the drivers for a reasonable price, at least you are assured of the efficiency and reliability.
  4. For those who lack the budget, some websites also offer free licensed software. Kensington offers free wireless mouse driver downloads in various websites apart from theirs. Also, some torrent sites provide free downloads, but this might be risky because no one can be assured that these are verified safe software.
  5. Try the giants. Giant merchant websites like and offer the usual software downloads. But what’s best with these sites, second to the wireless mouse manufacturers, is that they are more reliable than any other 3rd party merchant websites. Many manufacturers sell their products, hardware and software on these sites because they believe that these websites have the greatest market.
  6. You may also consider websites that offer not just sales of software downloads but the hardware itself. If you think you cannot find the appropriate driver software for your wireless mouse, you can try buying the gadget so you are more assured that the software you get is appropriate.

Be aware of the risk of downloading software online. Some software can pose as a wireless mouse driver, but these may include unwanted programs and viruses. Also, purchasing a download for a wireless mouse driver may also be risky. In general, it is recommended to purchase only from secure and reliable websites.


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