How To Find Free Web Proxy Software

Web proxy software has many functions for use on the Internet. It can serve as web caches to store web pages that are accessed frequently so it can reduce the time it needs to download the next time the pages are accessed. Cutting out content on the web site that is not needed like ads and other clutter can reduce the download time and the web proxy enables reformatting of web pages for use on devices such as PDAs and cell phones which can only display web pages in a reduced form. Another function is filtering content, which is a useful tool for schools, libraries and even homes that want to control the types of content that can only be accessed on the Internet.

  1. Privoxy - Privoxy offers filtering of web pages to exclude ads and other content that is not required to speed up performance. There are enhanced security configurations for controlling access and settings can be customized. It can be used for individual or networked computers.
  2. Proxyway - Proxyway lets you take control of your Internet and how you surf the web. The software will configure your browser’s settings for you to use the proxy without having to manually change them in the browser’s options window. Your anonymity is ensured when you use Proxyway with applications such as Instant Messenger, and Internet Relay Chat. Proxyway can locate proxies and let you connect to them. You can stop the connection if it is slow or bad and find another one to connect to and it can even allow you to bypass certain sites that are blocked. You can use the application on all types of Internet connections.
  3. Squid - Squid can be installed on most operating systems and can help improve your web surfing experience by caching frequently visited websites and web pages. Squid can be used on websites to improve server load management and provide website visitors with faster content delivery. The source code for the software is available for download so programmers can tweak configurations and customize Squid upon installation.
  4. Charon - The web proxy software Charon from Project 2025 is free software that can scan for proxies and through the control files you can filter out the proxies that you don’t want on your list. Saving the proxy list is possible upon closing you will have a save option and multiple local IPs are supported with the latest version. The software is updated often with better improvements.

Several web proxy softwares can be found on the Internet that can be downloaded for free. Some of these programs are in the beta stage and you can help develop the product by using it and giving feedback.


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