Where to Look for Electronic Greeting Cards

Tired of scanning your local store just to look for the best birthday cards, Christmas cards, or thank you cards? Well, why don’t you just send electronic mail or email cards? You certainly have diverse options, anyway. You won’t just send a nice musical tone with that email card, but a funny cartoon, groovy music, or an audio message of love too. Besides, it’s always the thought that counts in greeting cards. However, you’re probably encountering the same problem that other first-time email card hunters have gone through—where to look for electronic greeting cards. With the almost limitless boundaries of the Internet, your source for funny electronic Christmas, holiday, love, birthday card or thank you cards can just be so easy, not to mention cheap.

Here are some online sources where you can get email cards for free:

  1. World WildLife Fun Cards. This e-card source features endangered animals and places. Providing free e-cards is their way to spread their advocacy.
  2. Jan Brett Postcards. If you are a fan of Jan Brett, then don't miss getting your next e-card from this source. What’s best about this source aside from the free e-cards is that you can customize or personalize the e-cards.
  3. Care2. Although this source requires registration, at least, you can get great free e-cards from them. What’s more they offer photo cards and each of their cards are featured for a special cause.
  4. Rubber Chicken Cards. Want something humorous and silly? Then get your e-card from this website. They have free access to their e-card collection for 10 days. But after that, you have to pay for their services.
  5. Dayspring Christian Cards. Not only Christians will enjoy e-cards from here. Aside from giving inspirational quotes and cards, this site offers inspirational movies along with the e-card, too.
  6. Funny Animal E-Cards. This e-card source is actually intended for pet lovers. With this, you can get free animal greeting cards and create your unique and customized Flash e-card. You can even insert the photograph of your beloved pet or your loved one in the e-card.
  7. American Greetings. You really should pay for their e-card services. But they still offer a one-month trial period. Included with that is your access to their e-card collection, reminder service, some downloads, party invitations, free screensavers, free wallpapers, desktop calendars, personalized e-cards that can be added with picture or video, and “talking” e-cards.
  8. Blue Mountain. Registration is needed before you can get one-month access to their free e-cards. You will also enjoy their reminder service, free screensavers, free calendars, and you’ll be able to customize and personalize e-cards.
  9. BirthdayCards. Although it’s named that way, this source does not only offer birthday cards. They also have free e-cards for Christmas, Valentines, anniversaries, thank yous and more.
  10. Free E-Cards Online. This source is most probably in the top 10 search result of Google. But don’t worry if you end up in this site because they really offer free e-cards for all occasions.

These 10 sources are just some of the many websites offering free e-cards. Just imagine the diverse choices you have when it comes to electronic greeting cards. That is why before exploring your options, it will be very helpful for you to determine first the kind of card you want to send.


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