How To Rent Metal Detectors

Use Metal Detection for Treasure Hunting and More

The widespread use of handheld metal detectors can be attributed to the fact that they really are relatively easy to use. Metal detectors are extensively used by archaeologists, local and international airports, construction firms, military soldiers, and treasure hunters.

These tools makes use of electromagnetic stimulation to spot any metal material such as gold, guns, knives, steel bars and more. In fact, they can can spot strange substances in food as well, and since terrorism is rampant worldwide, shopping malls sometimes use a super wand handheld version to spot any deadly weapons.

For the most fun, though, metal detectors are used for mining and treasure hunting. Below are a few tips on selection and usage.

What type of metal detector should you rent/purchase? This question can be answered when you consider the factors that lead you to search for one in the first place.

  • If you are simply looking to use up some free time, a basic unit will work just fine.
  • If you are a master prospector, however, you will need a detector that has more features and can find more items.
  • Metal detectors come in different forms too. There are even headphones that you can use to spot coins, jewelry, and relics.
  • Another factor to consider is the method by which the detector finds the items. The most popular type is the VLF (Very Low Frequency) metal detector. These units cannot scan very deep, but they can give you a better idea of the item that is buried.
  • The other kind of metal detector is the pulse indication. This type will allow you to view deeper into the earth, though with less control over specific items and metals.

Where can I find a metal detector rental? If you do not have your own metal detector at home, then you can rent one online or at a store near you. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Escondido Coin and Loan. Whether you want a metal detector for your hobby or for an important application, Escondido Coin and Loan may help you. The rental cost is as low as $10.
  2. Man with metal detectorRental HQ. Find a rental in your area with the help of Rental HQ. Just select the province or state from the list below Rental HQ’s main page.
  3. Security Metal Detectors. Rent metal detectors that are made by top notch metal detector manufacturers such as Control Screening, Fisher Security, Garrett Metal Detectors and White. Do not compromise on the security of your family and friends; rent one at Security Metal Detectors at a very affordable price.
  4. Erento. If you reside in the United Kingdom then you can rent from Erento. The cost of rental ranges from 12 British pounds to 46 pounds.
  5. US Zilok. Rent a metal detector for as low as $29 a day. If you have questions, just click the “ask the owner a question” button. Cash, American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted.
  6. Republic Jewelry. Rent a metal detector for $20 a day. Payment of deposit is required. They also offer accessories such as sand scoops, trowels and loop covers.
  7. Sun Belt Rentals. Sun Belt Rentals provide rentals of different equipment such as metal detectors, chain saws, hedge trimmers, and lawn aerators, log splitters, sod cutters and straw blowers.
  8. Listown. From Monday to Thursday, rental rate is $35 a day, then Saturday to Sunday rental rate is $70 a day. A 15-minute lesson is included in the price.
  9. Ace Detectors. Ace Detectors' main office is in Pennsylvania, and they are selling and renting at low prices.

How do I use a metal detector? The above rental sites should get you started, and once you have rented your metal detector, consider this little guide to get you started on your treasure hunt!

  • Get some practice using the device. Go to a beach or a local park. These areas are good places to start, as they have smooth terrain and often present opportunities to find something. Make sure to mark your starting point and away you go!

    Keep the coil (the circular part that sweeps over the ground) level and close to the ground. Walk slowly, making slow sweeps in front of you with the device. If you go too fast the machine will not work properly and you will miss items.

  • As you begin to use the device your skills will evolve and you may want to upgrade the unit. Getting a metal detector that allows you to ignore some materials will help you to find more of the items that you are looking for.

    Another way to gain mastery of the skill is to join a metal detecting group. These organizations are located throughout the United States and teach their members techniques, places of interest, and the history of the art.

Metal detectors can be used for treasure hunting, security and many other purposes. You can use them for important applications and for your leisure or hobby as well. But don’t forget to make a comparison of the many types of units before renting your own. Renting one from a reliable metal detector store is highly recommended. They will provide you the best at guaranteed low prices.


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