C++ for Borland Delphi users

An in-depth look at C++ Builder for Delphi users by columnist Brian Long, based on his article in Issue 19 (March 1997).

C++ Builder is the third of four similarly-named RAD tools from Borland released between 1995 and 1997, each of which touts three major technology attributes. The Borland representatives who do talks at user group meetings and seminars sometimes make reference to the "technology spider".

  1. Borland AppBuilder (or Delphi as it is known, since Borland couldn't shake the code name off) which is a Pascal-based RAD tool offering database access with good performance: RAD, database, performance.
  2. Borland IntraBuilder, a JavaScript-based RAD tool offering database-publishing facilities to Web site developers: RAD, database, Web.
  3. Borland C++Builder, a C++-based RAD tool offering high performance with an unmatched degree of control (as C++ is renowned for): RAD, performance, control.
  4. Borland JBuilder, a Java(tm) 1.1 based RAD tool for developing cross-platform Java applets often for use on Web sites: RAD, Web, cross-platform.

This paper attempts to plough through C++ Builder showing Delphi users what to expect if they purchase the product, and how to tackle some commonly used Delphi techniques and constructs with a C++ dialect. Of course this can't be an all-encompassing C++ Builder tutorial due to space considerations, but it should give you a feel for where similarities and differences between Delphi and C++ Builder lie.

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