Get the ROM BIOS Date in a string format

Contributor: JOSE ALMEIDA

{ Gets the ROM BIOS date in a ASCII string.
  Part of the Heartware Toolkit v2.00 (HTelse.PAS) for Turbo Pascal.
  Author: Jose Almeida. P.O.Box 4185. 1504 Lisboa Codex. Portugal.
          I can also be reached at RIME network, site ->TIB or #5314.
  Feel completely free to use this source code in any way you want, and, if
  you do, please don't forget to mention my name, and, give me and Swag the
  proper credits. }

FUNCTION ROM_Bios_Date : String8;
    Gets the ROM BIOS date in a ASCII string.
    S := ROM_Bios_Date
    e.g., '06/10/85'.
    Later versions of the Compaq have this release date shifted by 1 byte,
      to start at F000:FFF6h }

  Tmp : String8;

BEGIN { ROM_Bios_Date }
  Tmp[0] := Chr(8);
  ROM_Bios_Date := Tmp;
END; { ROM_Bios_Date }


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